Antique mirror. Golden aged mirrors., Киев

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Antique mirror. Golden aged mirrors.
Бренд: KINGDOM GLASS & MIRRORS Страна производитель: Украина
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Buying an aged mirror in our workshop mirrors - you will receive a special product. Our masters make old mirrors on various technologies. Experience allows you to realize the most intricate patterns for a specific task or interior. Buying an aged mirror with us - we guarantee an extraordinary reincarnation of your interior. ORDER MISCELLANEOUS MIRROR To order an old mirror you just need to leave an application on our website or call us on the phone. Our specialists will contact you to clarify your order of the old mirror. APPLICATION OF MISCELLANEOUS MIRRORS The aged mirror - is used by many designers and architects in their projects when decorating the interior. An aged mirror can decorate any space. Most often the aged mirror is used in interior doors, closets, kitchen facades and many other furniture and interior solutions. Using an aged mirror will give the room a special brightness and personality.

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