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Golden mirror. Mirror gold. Retail. Opt. Buy gold mirror from producer.
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American scientists have found that on a sunny day medieval stained-glass windows are not only an ornament, but also are air purifiers, according to a press release on the official website of the University of Queensland.

"Useful" features stained-glass windows are explained by gold nanoparticles deposited on the glass. Under the influence of sunlight gold nanoparticles destroy certain volatile organic compounds that are the cause of the odor of "newness" of the new furniture, carpets, paintings, etc. Even a small amount of compounds such as methanol and carbon monoxide harmful to health.

The mechanism of "work" stained glass simple. The light, which is the nature of electromagnetic radiation interacts with the magnetic field, the nanoparticles that create the electrons of its atoms. The natural frequency of the magnetic field oscillations of the particle depends on its size. And if the size is appropriate, there is a resonance - the phenomenon of a sharp increase in the amplitude of oscillations caused by coincidence of the natural frequency of oscillation and the frequency of external influence.

This discovery, made by a professor of the Queensland University of Technology Zhu Huai Yong aroused wide public interest because it turned out that the "old" air purification process is more energy efficient than today's devices.

-poyavilos great desire to combine glass and gold leaf on the modern level of technological capabilities of mankind. Golden mirror. As is known, if the surround yourself with luxury, then it becomes even more and she comes to you. This method of decoration was known in ancient times, even then people knew that if you look in the mirror gold, there will be money and wealth. At all times, gold is particularly true, because in ancient times it symbolized concepts such as prosperity, wealth, luxury, power. They decorated the palaces and castles, as well as the royal chambers. Gold has incredible magical power of attraction, its brilliance never ceases to fascinate to this day. Today it is once again at the top of fashion than are the modern interior designers.

Our golden mirror can be 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 20mm-6mm. Its maximum size is 3000x1400 mm. Our company can perform a golden mirror in accordance with the requirements of the client.

Through the use of high-quality coatings, our golden mirror high performance and water resistance as well as good resistance to acids and does not darken. Currently, our products are widely used in areas such as the production of furniture, construction, clubs, shops, beauty salons, home interior and other areas where using a mirror. The company G & M offers: gold mirror (sheet-by-size figure of any shape and thickness on request). We are the only company in Ukraine monopoly manufacturer that produces: Golden mirror. The eco-friendly goods. We produce themselves and work with the regions and with all CIS countries. Adequate price policy. MIRROR JUST golden color (not yellow pale pink not not Turkey and China).

Golden mirror and its application in the interior

Each interior designer knows how important it is to choose the correct mirror in the room. They help to play with space, visually adding volume rooms. But for every style of interior design has its own rules and nuances that apply to the selection of reflective surfaces. So, if you dream of the office or home, sparkling luxury, you should choose a gold mirror. This is a great element of decor that emphasizes the glamor and pathos of the room.

Designers recommend using gold mirror in such cases:

· Creation of an accent in bathrooms or other rooms made in pastel colors. Gold will blink and look favorably.

· Supplement interior Empire style or antique. In such areas the silver mirror simply inappropriate.

· Creation of decorative elements with a special texture and refraction for office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and so on. D.

Modern gold mirror can be non-standard. Often it is covered with carvings, and make multifaceted use a lot of other design tricks. Do you want to emphasize the glamor? It is necessary to give preference to a gold reflective surface.

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